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Issue about SAPROUTER on ECC6

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Hello All.

I have the same problem with saprouter as described on this question:

But I cannot understood what I have to do about "Code all other programs..." statement.

Can anyone help me?

Best Regards,

André Koji Honma

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Hello Andre,

Let me guess what Volker means.

If you start the SAProuter program manually, you have to ADDLIBL SAPROUTER, then submit a background job to call the SAProuter program with a few parameters. To make life easier, I used to have CL program to do it, then I just call that CL program each time (in fact QSTRUP program calls it after each IPL). I guess Volker coded similar programs.

Best regards,


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Hi Victor,

absolutely correct - that's what I meant and always do )


Volker Gueldenpfennig, - -