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isql output is Hexadecimal

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Use isql command on Linux connect ASE 12.5 and try to access any table in mydb like

select * from mytab

All output is Hexadecimal. but if I access this database with tool like powerbuilder, the output is readable and fine.

What's wrong for this case? how to figure out and fix it?this never happened before.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Is the data in UTF - e.g. UTF8???  and if so, did you connect with isql -Jutf8???

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The way I run isql is:

isql -Usa -Ppassword -Smyserver.

I did not specify -J param. should be default.

Here is info from log when ase started:

00:00000:00001:2014/05/29 10:52:21.68 server  SQL Server's default unicode sort order is 'binary'.

00:00000:00001:2014/05/29 10:52:21.68 server  SQL Server's default sort order is:

00:00000:00001:2014/05/29 10:52:21.68 server    'bin_utf8' (ID = 50)

00:00000:00001:2014/05/29 10:52:21.68 server  on top of default character set:

00:00000:00001:2014/05/29 10:52:21.68 server    'utf8' (ID = 190).

00:00000:00001:2014/05/29 10:52:21.68 server  Master device size: 100 megabytes, or 51200 virtual pages. (A virtual page is 2048 bytes.)

00:00000:00001:2014/05/29 10:52:21.68 kernel  Warning: Cannot set console to nonblocking mode, switching to blocking mode.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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The behavior doesn't sound familiar.

what version of isql (isql -v) ?

perhaps post a brief example of the output?

is this really specific to just a particular database ("this database"), i.e. doesn't happen if you select * from master..sysusers, for example?

Do you have any unusual traceflags active (dbcc traceon(3604), go, dbcc traceflags, go)?

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1> select bank from my_bank

2> go








(5 rows affected)

master is fine. no this problem. nothing changed for this ase. I have three boxes with same platform and same database. all of them looks like have same issue.

the way I connect to Linux is: I use PuTTY. I do this everyday and no problem. Not sure why.

I try to connect to ASE with pb, Sybase central, and run isql, no problem. the plain data is: