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Isolated and Accumulated in report

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Hi Experts,

Could you please anyone help me to solve this :

I want to display 6 months rolling for cost in report

Layout should be like this :

cal/month cost(Isolated) Cost(Accumulated)

M1 M1 M1

M2 M2 M1+M2

M3 M3 M1M2M3

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You need to have calmonth or fisper or period alone in the keyfigure column at the top of strcuture.

For rolling cost you need to add say one calculated KF

CKF = RKF on Actual + rolling RKF

There will be two Fiscal period Input variable may be

One in Actual RKF for actual data

second for planning

or one Customer exit variable is sufficient and second one offset on first variable say 12- first variable value ..

Thanks and regards


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Hi Vaishnu

Try this...

Cal/Month 0COST RKF ( 0COST)

What is the content of Cal/Month ? Is it 01 format or 01/2011 format

If 01 ---Just create a formula variable with replacement path and replace the variable value with 01 or 02 or on based on the month

If 01/2011-- Just create a formula variable with User exit and get 01,02 or whatever.

Now restrict your RKF with Month Value ( Variable Value - 01).

M1 M1 M1 Here RKF will be restricted with Month Value ( 01 - 01 ) i.e 01 only

M2 M2 M1+M2 Here RKF will be restricted with Month Value ( 02 - 01 ) i.e 01 and 02 only

M3 M3 M1M2M3 Here RKF will be restricted with Month Value ( 03 - 01 ) i.e 01, 02 and 03 only

....and so on.

If you have 0FISCPER3 in your InfoProvider and that corresponds to Cal/Month then its gonna be very easy.

Let me know if the suggestion is working ....



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For the isolated one, don't do anything.Just put your cost key figure to columns.For the accumulated one,go to the calculations tab and click cumulate.Then choose along rows.Similar threads:

Let me know about your problem.



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Hi Thanks for immediate response,

Actually scenario is this report data is going to different applicatioon and what u mentioned we already tried and workin fine in BI and that cumulation is not working at their end,

Is another workaround for this to achieve same functionality


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I dont know i am able to visualize your issue properly but what i can think of is fixed layout structue lets say for 6 months.

You have cost keyfigure and calmonth---You need to dislay cost of M1 in M1 and cost of M1+M2 in M2 and so on.

Create RKF1 as cost restricted with calmonth

RKF2 cost restricted with calmonth with offset 1

RKF3 cost restricted with calmonth offset 2 and so on for next six months.

So now you have values for all the six months.

Now create fomulas----M1 = (RKF1)

M2 = RKF1+ RKF2

M3 = RKF1 + RKF2 +RKF3

Like this you can do for next six months.

This is a fixed layout report and its not dynamic.Based on user input it will give the output for next six months..

Create user input variable on calmonth.

Restrict it locally as i told dont restrict it globally.

Hope it helps.



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"Actually scenario is this report data is going to different applicatioon"

You mean you want to use this cumulated value in another formula?If so, cumulated value will not be displayed in the formula, it will show isolated value.Check Suhas's post here :