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ISearchComponent Show/Hide Options

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Hi all,

I have created my own Search component, I have put it in new Search Component Set with standard_search_input component and now I want to display my component only after "Show Options" is clicked. Now I can see it always, independently on Show/Hide Option.

Is it possible?



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Hi Iva,

here a coding example for how to retrieve the 'show otions info' within method 'setSearchParamsMap':


  • Get back the interchange map from parent search dialog control.

  • Relevant information can be read out (eg. display of options state).

  • @see


public void setSearchParamsMap(SearchParamsMap map) {

// info about just searched

if (map.containsKey(SearchParamConst.PARAM_JUST_SEARCHED)) {

// search hast just been executed, might be helpfull to know

boolean justSearched = ((Boolean)map.get(SearchParamConst.PARAM_JUST_SEARCHED)).booleanValue();


// advanced mode

if (map.containsKey(SearchParamConst.PARAM_DISPLAY_SEARCH_OPTIONS)) {

// flag that states if search options are display or not

boolean advanced = ((Boolean)map.get(SearchParamConst.PARAM_DISPLAY_SEARCH_OPTIONS)).booleanValue();

this.persMap.put("CBX",new Boolean(advanced).toString());



This is also in the "Developing a Search Component for KM Search iView" example of Thilo Brandt:

Regards Matthias Röbig-Landau

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it solved my problem.

Thank you very much.


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i have the same problem and tried to solve it with the code from the previous answer. But it wont work.

I copied the code from Thilo Brands example to my Search Component, but the Custom Component appears everytime in the searchIView.

Any Ideas?