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Is there a way to manipulate two bound properties upon loading them?

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The title of this post doesn't really explain well. I want a placeholder property to contain the returned value of the quantity ordered, minus the quantity received, and I'm trying to do it in the controller.

qtyO = new sap.m.Input({

                    type: sap.m.InputType.Number,

                    placeholder: "{QtyOrdered}" - "{QtyReceived}",

                    width: "100px",

                    enabled: false,

                    change: function (evt) {




I think what I'm trying here isn't following the strings as paths, as it returns NaN. Is there a simple way to doing this? Or would it be better done on the backend?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jackie,

You could use calculated fields.

Find below example of above code edited

Thanks and Regards,Venkatesh

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Thank you! This is a great help.

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