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Is the HANA schema any good for?

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Currently, I'm playing a bit around with my Trial cloud account, testing the different app types and their deployment.

I was a bit confused with the HANA XS Applications section of the Cloud Platform Cockpit. I had created an XS app on a HANA MDC instance, and I expected that this app would show up in the mentioned section, but nothing happened.

To countercheck, I headed to my company's cloud developer account, and I noticed that I was only able to create a HANA shared schema. When connecting with HANA studio, I found only two generic DB schemata (one DEV_* and one NEO_*) accessible, and that's all. I can create DB tables, and surely do the other basic stuff, but I cannot create any of the HANA repository related things e.g. Calculation views, since I can't approach the content section due to insufficient privileges.

And there I lost it, and I was wondering, what that HANA schema is good for. Apparently I cannot create an XS app with the developer cloud account, at least not without subscribing further ressources.

So can anyone set me back on the track?

Thx and BR,


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Hello Stephan,

This sounds as if your user does not have the appropriate authorisations. Please ensure that you got the

  • sap.hana.ide.roles::Developer

roles. Also please try whether it makes a difference to use the SAP HANA Web-Based Development Workbench instead of Eclipse.

Best regards


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Hello Frank,

both users I mentioned above lack these authorisations, and I assume that's intended by SAP.

The SAP HANA Web-Based Development Workbench is not accessible for this instance, either by direct URI input, nor by link in SAP Cloud Admin Cockpit (the links, present for the instance in trial account, are missing in developer account). Besides, I do not have logon credentials, since these users are generated by SAP, and automaticly applied to the system properies in HANA Studio.

That's why I raised the raised the question.

Best regards,