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Is SAP Graph storing the data


Hi ,
Please help me resolve some of my doubts on  SAP Graph

1. How the data from SAP Graph is stored, is the data being stored at the graph layer on cloud or on each time we call the graph url , is it getting the data from server.
2. If we are using the Graph to combine two odata API from on prem/ cloud, on each time we call the graph api , will we be getting the latest data or do we have to activate the BDG to get the latest data.
3. After creating the graph , we are able to see a namespace called sap.graph , what is the importance of that and when to use it.

Thanks and Regards,

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Hi Keerthana,

Sorry for the delay answering your question. Please find the answers bellow:

1. So your last assumption is correct. Graph doesn't store data from underlying business systems. We fetch data from the data sources and provide the response.

2. Based on the first answer, on each call to Graph you will get the latest/live data from underlying business system. During the creation of BDG we fetch metadata from underlying systems. If there is a change in the metadata(new entity defined) you need to reprocess the BDG in order to have the latest model. This can be done easily through the BDG details UI.

3. Graph adds additional projections on top of the mirrored entities from supported SAP systems, which we call unified entities. Unlike the mirrored entities, these are thoughtfully designed and constructed projections, created by SAP experts under the reserved namespace sap.graph. Unified entities follow the SAP One Domain Model compatibility guidelines and are designed to bridge and connect semantically common business concepts from multiple data sources (for example, Business Partner, and Product). This allows client apps to get started with cross-system queries.

Please feel free to reach out if you have more questions and need help. We would be happy to help you.

Best regards,

Hamid, Product Owner - Graph 


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