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Is my database replicated?

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Sybase version: Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.0.3/EBF 17690 ESD#1.1 RELSE/P/Solaris AMD64/OS 5.10/ase1503/2681/64-bit/FBO/Thu Aug 20 15:37:40 2009

Good afternoon,

We received a database from a customer to 'migrate'.

The database has 10Gb for the log segment.

One of my colleague face a LOG SUSPEND even though he added 20Gb on log segment.

My first assumption is that the database is 'replicated'.

First of all, I know nothing about replication so my assumptions are based on my own understanding.

The first thing I did is execute the command "sp_reptostandby" and it returns the following.

The replication status for database 'TPK0001695_12787890' is 'ALL'.

The replication mode for database 'TPK0001695_12787890' is 'off'.

so for me the database is replicated but now looking at the replication mode, it states 'off' so what's actually replicated?

then I executed "sp_setrepdbmode" and it returns

The replication mode for database 'TPK0001695_12787890' is 'off'.

The replication threshold for table 'TPK0001695_12787890' is '50'.

From what I uderstand any query modifying more than 50 rows is replicated but as the mode is off, what's replicated?

Finally I executed "dbcc gettrunc' and it returns

----------- ------ ------ ----------- ------ ------------------------------ -----------

     8113058      0    142           0      5 TPK0001695_12787890                      0

First 'strange' thing is there's no column name. so from the ouput I don't know if the LTM is set but I guess value 8113058 is a page number meaning LTM is set.

Hence, based on these outputs can I conclude my database is replicated?

If YES, how to disable it? for me I'll execute "exec  sp_reptostandby <DB NAME>,'none'" and "dbcc settrunc (ltm,ignore)". is this the right way.

last question whenever replication is set, does it mean there's a LTM in the transaction log?

Thanks all and have a nice week-end.


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Hi Mark,

Thank you for you valuable answer, sorry for getting back so late but I wanted our DBA to reload the initial dump to do an analysis based on your answer and make sure I understood it.

Therefore if I go back to your explanation.

for point1.
output of sp_reptostandby tells me this database is/was a source for replication.

Moreover sp_setreplicate lists 70 tables so my conclusion at this level is these 70 tables were/are replicated

For point2.

sp_help_rep_agent <dbname> outputs my db is not configured to use Replication Agent.

As you mention, rep agent configuration 'should be' in the dump but as I'm not sure I can't strongly confirm the source database has a replication agent configured.

For point3.

master..syslogshold does not have any rows with name='$replication_truncation_point'. My assumption is replication is not active.

But if I look at the output of dbcc gettrunc, I'm a bit lost again because I have an entry

col1=8113058 (first page not truncated in the log)

col2=0 (Adaptive Server ignores the truncation page), what does it mean actually?

col3=142, what's the meaning of this value.


Even though your explanations were cleared the 'test-case' I'm facing is not straigh forward for me because on my hand I can confirm the database was/is marked for replication but as repAgent wasn't configured nor start and no truncation point visible in master..syslogshold.

If you can clarify my assumption it'll be very helpfull.

So far we just executed 'dbcc settrunc(ltm,'ignore') and it solves our LOG SUSPEND issue but I'd like to understand and not doing things mechanically.

Thank you


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