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is jconn4.jar enough to connect to ASE?

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i´ve was looking for jdbc stuff to connect (from talend 5.4 for example) to ASE.

After a long journey I´ve downloaded SDK for Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 PL04 von (Testversion) which is much to much.

I need to extract the files necessary for an installation on a citrix windows 2008 server (via the admins) to connect to ASE db´s via jdbc.

Because the support will need some time to get this up and running, and  i have no time for try and error and have to give them the right files/instructions.

I also can´t test it locally because no sybaseservers are in my domain now.

Wich files i need to extract from the big package and where  the admins have to place them ? Or, even better,  is there a jdbc/odbc installer hidden somerwhere in the SDK ?

thanks for help



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The jConnect driver is a type 4 driver.  You do not need other parts when connecting via Java.

You should always get the latest version and make sure the ASE has been updated by running the script that comes with it in the 'sp' subdirectory as 'sa' to ensure the ASE has the highest version of jConnect support in it.  The driver calls the sp's as part of its capabilities to keep the driver thin.


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Hi Chris,

thanks for this quick response

yes, i was aware about the sp already (C:\...\jConnect-16_0\sp\ ), which needs to run on all servers we want to connect.

is SDK for Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 PL04 the latest version ?

Have a nice Weekend

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Hi Dirk,

The most current version of the SDK is 16.0 SP02 PL00.

Dawn Kim