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Is it possible to use XSS 2005 on EP7 with ECC 5.0 ?

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Hi all,

I have an ECC5.0 and I want to upgrade my EP6 to EP7. I'm using XSS 2004 on EP6 and I want to use XSS 2005 on that EP7. I've seen on different notes that it is not possible to use XSS 2005 with ECC 5.0 as a back end.

Is there any solution to connect XSS 2005 to ECC 5.0 ??? Please I really need a positive answer


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Hi Joseph,

I have gone thru same problem in my last project but my situation was little different.

Actually Business Package of ESS/MSS has two components:

1. Portal Objects (iView, Roles, Pages etc )

2. XSS - The Java WebDynpro Code (which in turn contain 3 component SAP_ESS, SAP_MSS, PUSIC_GP)

Also the prerequisite is that we should have SAP_HR (will give HR functionalities in ECC) and EA_HR (contains RFC, structure required for XSS).

Now the restriction imposed by SAP is that SAP_HR, EA_HR and XSS should be on same version and patch level. Make sense also. However there are situation where you can deviate from above restriction. (I will explain the same below).

So what you can do is to install the Portal objects(iView, Roles, Pages etc ) on EP 7.0 (can be installed on EP 6.0 and federated to EP 7.0), install XSS 2004 on EP6.0 (having JAVA 640) and connect the same with ECC 5.0.

You are looking to install Portal Objects, XSS 2005 on EP 7.0 and connect with ECC 5.0. This is possible but NOT recommended. Actually XSS 2005 WebDynpro will look for enhanced structures, RFC in ECC, which XSS will not find and will throw dumps (sometime java and sometime SAP dumps). You can fix the problem by manually installing the new functionality but believe me it is VERY cumbersome task and will make your system highly unstable.

What I would advise you is to look into your requirement once again and educate your end client with the problem and take appropriate action accordingly.

Do let me know if you need any further help.



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Thanks a lot for your advise, we have seen with the end user and they will plan an upgrade.