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Is it possible to have several Launchpads in one FIORI Frontend system?

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Dear FIORI experts,

We are using FIORI 2.0 for HR-ESS funtionalities .

Now we have to provide some tiles from other modules (SRM) too. But we dont want to add the new tiles to the existing launchpad. We need a seperation of HR- and SRM-Tiles by using different launchpad-Links.

Is there a way to configure additional launchpad-links providing access to the new tiles?

For example can I make a Client-Copy and create a virtual-host in the new client and configure a new launchpad link as external alias from there (offering the Roles/groups onbly from the new client)? Does SAP support this way for productive systems too?

Thanks and best Regards


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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What's the design rationale behind seperate launchpads? Is this a Fiori Hub or embedded? What realise are your systems on?

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Hi Colleen,

We have a FIORI 2.0 with SAP-BASIS-Rel 7.51-0014 as a Hub system.

We have several backend systems: HR ERP-EHP8 and SRM 7.01 (old release!)

Many users have both HR-Roles and Webshop-Roles. Actually there are many HR-Groups and soon many new groups are comming also. The Launchpad is getting too complex and confusing for the users.

We would like to seperate the HR- and Webshop-tiles. We would need a hierarchie-level over the existing groups: one for HR and one for Webshop. In FIORI 3.0 there are "Spaces" over the Groups. But there is no way in FIORI 2.0 to do it (?) So we are trying to define two Launchpads in our FIORI-FES-Hub-System.

I hope I could explain what we are looking for

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Armin,

the on premise Launchpad does not support different Launchpad. In the BTP Launchpad Service you can create so called Sites to offer different entrypoints.

Best Regards