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Is it possible to disable Design Panel on Analysis for Office?

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Hi guys, this is my first discussion on SCN. Please excuse-me if I did something wrong.

I would like to know if it is possible to disable Design Panel for the end user consumers.

In my company we have the context where the "Power Users" are responsible to create, mantain and  save the workbook Analysis on BIP (Business Intelligence Platform). The "End Users" will just consume that workbook already created/saved by the Power User on BIP without be allowed to make changes, just refresh the data.

I am thinking to disable the design panel, but if there is another way to do that, feel free to help me.

Thanks in advanced.

Abel Junior

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Hi Abel,

You can play around with Macros or with customized ribbon.

For example, you can use the Macro code below to hide the Design Panel in AO:

Dim result

result = Application.Run("SAPExecuteCommand", "Hide", "TaskPane", "All")

However, the user will still be able to show the panel by clicking on "Display" button in AO, so you may have to write some more Macro code.

You can also remove the entire Design Panel group from the ribbon like below:

This is achieved via Excel > Options > Customize Ribbon.