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Is it possible to change table's cell editor for one cell only at runtime?

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I have a table with a few columns. The cell editor of the first column is Caption. I need to change the cell editor of that column to InputField at runtime, but just of the selected row.

Is it possible to change the cell editor of a specific row in a column?

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you could use input field as editor for the whole column and determine its "enabled" property per row, via data binding. This could achieve a similar effect (not every row is editable). But I have some doubts if this really needs to be connected with current selection? Is this a good UI design? User clicks into row and only then discovers that field becomes editable?

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It is possible <b>only</b> to change cell editor for <b>whole column</b>.

If you need to display icon as well as text you can use 2 columns. This (icon) is the only difference: InputField in non-current column is rendered almost identically to Caption.