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IP resolution in Web Dispatcher

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Is it possible to somehow configure webdispatcher redirect to different destinations depending on the server IP by which the web dispatcher is contacted?

Some of our clients resolve webdispatcher server as IP1 for example, and should be redirected to portal login page, other clients see the webedispatcher server as IP2 and should be redirected to anonymous portal homepage.

I know there's an option to specify FOR in "icm/HTTP/redirect_<xx>", but, in our case, the host name is the same for all clients and only IP addresses are different.

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this is not possible as the option u201CFOR=u201D is related to the http header field "host" and not to the IP address on which the connection actually came in.

You could setup multiple Web Dispatchers each listening to single IP addresses only (using the optionu201D HOST=u201D of the parameter u201Cicm/server_port_<xx>u201D). Then you can setup different redirects for them.