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IP - Performance of Characteristic relationships

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Hi there,

I am implementing a planning application in IP and have a question around "Characteristic Relationship" vs derivation using FOX formulas.

If all of the values I am looking to populate exist in master data attributes, in general is it faster to use Char rels or FOX to fill values into these characteristics?

Are the overhards significant with Char rels ?

I am working on a rather underspec'd machine so am a little unsure about the performance implications.

many thanks


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is hard to tell and maybe someone has experience working with it.

Alternatively, I would choose a medium subset of data and try it with both the FOX and ATRV and the Characteristic relationship and use BPS stats in BPS_STAT0 to check how much time things took for each approach.

If I had to guess, I would think characteristic relationship off attribute of master data would be faster, especially if you only have 1 source characteristics to derive multiple new characteristics/attributes. ATRV would have to reach each attribute..

Hope this helps,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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certainly it will be fast when u use characteristic relationships because that will be done back end. When you try to use fox formula it has to be executed in front end


Next: Once SAP has provided facilty means: Performance issues will be taken care.

If your requirement is solved by using char. reln. ships it is better to go for that instead coding the same.



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Characteristic relationship is preferred if you only need to derive it to fill it and don't need it in your FOX logic.

But I have not done a benchmarking to find the performance implications and it would be interesting to hear from someone who has...