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Invoking a Web Service using XI 2.0

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Hi all,

I am attempting to create a scenario where an SAP application invokes a web service through XI 2.0.

I have created an ABAP proxy to allow my ABAP to start the call process and have set up the message interfaces within the Integration Directory.

I want XI to receive a call from this proxy and then act as the client to an existing Web Service.. calling it and bringing back a response... but it doesn't look like I can import the existing WSDL as a I would have expected.

So... instead I have exported the Message Interface for the "out of XI" portion of the interface as a WSDL and have asked the Web Service provider to amend their service according to this XI generated WSDL.

My difficulty now is how to use the SOAP adapter. Within the Integration Directory I presumably need to define the endpoint with XI Connectivity but I am not sure how to fill in the URL address of the SOAP adapter...

Any help on how to configure the actual SOAP adapter to fulfill this requirement would be great too.

I have looked around the boards to see if I could work this out from previous posts but without success so far.

It's a synchronous scenario and basically should look like...

ABAP Proxy->XI->SOAP Adapter->Web Service->XI->ABAP Proxy

Many thanks,


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Hi Gordon,

here is an example for SOAP-Adapter config:

# Bubble adapter java class

# Sets the bubble module helper that can instantiate your bubble bag

###### Part 0 (FromWS and ToWS) : common part ######

# Keeps the XMB headers in web service messages

# Encodes the xmb headers into a special HTTP header string x-xmb_ws_encoded

# The target URL for the web service, to which the adapter sends web service messages.

# The address is part of the WSDL


# Proxy configuration from SAP


# The port and path where the adapter waits for XMB messages from clients.

# The default SOAPAction HTTP request header to the web Service server

# The SoapAction is part of the WSDL


Of course you have to set URL, proxy and SOAP-action to your belongings.

You define the endpoint as:


in this example:



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hey gordon...

this wud help..

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Look through these blogs:


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