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Invoice in Japanese Language

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Dear All,

Quick Basic questions

Requirement : We would like to have the invoice (Smartforms) printed in the Japanese language in our system .

1. Currently only DE and EN languages are activated in SMLT and JP is added in I18N but the language packs are not imported .

2. When the developers preview the contents in the sap screen JP characters are displayed but when I tried to preview the spool in PDF format all the         JP characters are displaying as Hash characters .

3. JP users will be login to the system only in English but these invoices has to be printed in the JP characters .

4. Is the Language import is necessary to achieve the above . 

Appreciate your input and help .



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It is not necessary to import the JP language package because it only contains the SAP standard texts. For smartform you have to add your own translation via SE63 for JP version.

You mentioned that the JP characters are displayed in preview so the language key and the
translation might be correct. You should try to use a cascading font device type like SWINCF to see

if the PDF is OK.

Wen Peng