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Inverse Routine - For Hierarchies on Virtual Cube

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Hi All,

I have written an Inverse routine in the start routine(Physical cube ->Transformation-> Virtual Cube -> Report)

I am using one of the the Query input variable as Hierarchy variable, but default value based on the hierarchy is not getting picked up. The result would always come as No data found, but when we drill down into the child node single value in the variable input screen, the query picks up the data and is getting displayed.

Have anyone of you used Hierarchy based variables in the inverse routine?

Note: When the same hierarchy variable used on the physical cube, data is getting picked and displayed, so the problem is with the Inverse routine on restricting the Hierarchy variable.

Waiting for your helpful responses.



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I have a work around, I added a dummy infoobject = constant =X. to my virtual cube.

In my bex report I filter on that infoobject =X.  In my inverse routine, I see the obect, so I know the query has to be filterd by the hierarchy in that query.  So for each query I have just one hierarchy with such an infoobject.  Absolutely **** solution.  But it restricts and my performance is much better.  I'm searching for a good solution as well.  If you know one, please share !!!!