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Invalid License Data - Visual Studio Shell

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Let me see if I can one up the grace period license question I asked...

Just installed PowerBuilder 12 and PowerBuilder 12.5.  At the end of the installs and at the end of the updates, I get the following error.  It was somewhat more generic in 12, but it's basically the same thing in 12.5.

All the way to telling me a reinstall is required.

The funny thing is....  Everything works.  PB Classic is working just fine, and PB .NET (both 12 and 12.5) are running fine as well.  When I check the license info on the about window, everything looks smooth in the .NET environment.

My bet is that this is a problem with something else.  I'm just curious if anybody else has seen this during their installs/updates of PB 12 or PB 12.5.

Any info would be appreciated!!


Jeff Gibson

Intercept Solutions - Sybase SQL Anywhere OEM Partner

Nashville, TN

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You get that error anytime you try to run the Visual Studio shell directly, since the only thing there is the shell.  I'm not sure what part of the startup attempted to do that.

In any event, as long as PB.Net comes up fine you're in good shape.

You may see that error again if you attempt to "open" things in Windows Explorer that Visual Studio has associated with itself.

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I should clarify that these errors were coming up at the end of the installation during the registration process.

Have not ran into the errors when I ran the product post install.


Jeff Gibson

Intercept Solutions - Sybase SQL Anywhere OEM Partner

Nashville, TN