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'invalid Key Sequence' error when doing a lookup_ext on a Persistent DS

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I have a pesistent data store that I populate with a query transform.

After the DF is finished, I call a script to do the Lookup_ext on the DS that sets a global variable.

I am getting the error:

70806 <persistent cache table <Temp_3> is being read with an invalid key sequence>

Any information out there on this problem would be greatly appreciated



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I can reproduce this erro, but need to check if its a bug or not

for the workaround

- check if the Persistent cache table that you are creating has key defined for it

- In the lookup call in script, you should use the same key columns in the Condition and in same order

Pass the Compare value through Varaibles instead of Constants

for exmple :-

#declare a global varaible to store the value to compare

$G_EMP_NO = 7788;

lookup_ext([PersistentCache..EMP_DATA,'PRE_LOAD_CACHE','MAX'], [EMPNO],[NULL],[EMPNO,'=',$G_EMP_NO]);

and see if it works for you

Edited by: Manoj Dhyani on Jan 29, 2009 12:01 AM

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That was the solution. I made it compare to a GV instead of the literal and it returned my values.

I have already defined the key on the persistent table so.

I would say this is a bug if SAP is asking for opinions. Constants are a standard method for doing a compare in any coding language.

Thanks again.


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a bug has been filed for this for 12.2 (Data Services XI 3.2) release

following is the bug number for that


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