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Invalid Key Name in Key predicate when updating data from SMP offline Native application

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Hi Experts,

We are developing an SMP based offline Native Android application (SMP 3.0; SDK SP 10 PL10). We are able to

1. Successfully create data in offlinestore (deep insert using batch processing). 

1a. Create Object in offlinestore with Temp Object key ID

2. Successfully update the same object header information (example description) in offlinestore (using etags and resourcepath mapping).

3. Following the local create and local update process, we invoke offlinestore.flush() which sends 2 batch request to SAP

3a. SAP OData Service is successfully accepting the create request and creating the Object in SAP tables with actual ID

3b. The second batch request i.e Update request results in error stating "Invalid key name in Key predicate"

Attached screens for reference

Screenshot 1: (Ref: Step 2 above) Data successfully updated in Android native app offline store using eTags and Resourcepath

Screenshot 2: (Ref: Step 3b above) Error in OData service

Can you please suggest way forward


A Rathi

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I have the same problem, did you solve it?

Thank you


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Hello Patrizia,

We are still having this issue. The only update I have is that I tried updating the SMP 3.0 SDK version to SP12 PL05 and it did not resolve the issue. I have an incident open with SAP to track it but I haven't been able to reproduce consistently.