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Interpreter Failed on standalone ITS 6.20 build 14

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SAP ITS 6.20 Patchlevel 14 (Dual Host)

SAP R/3 4.6

Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2

Calling browser address <URL>.com/scripts/wgate.zefrm_main_menu_web/!, presents user with a logon page. A valid logon return generates the error: "Interpreter Failed. The Internet Transaction Server failed to generate the response for current request. Internal error code 0x20101".

Ran the same thing on our PRM (Single Host)ITS 6.20 Patchlevel 17 and it worked. Examined the service file called zefrm_main_menu_web.srvc on both ITS front-end landscapes and they are identical.

Parameter's of zefrm_main_menu_web.srvc include:

~transaction zefrm_main_menu_web

~autoscroll 1

~generateDynpro 1

~webgui_dynpro_min_height 150

~noheaderokcode 1

~listscrolling 1

~style DHTML

~popups 1

Because PRD and PRM are different builds the transaction parameter call's are different in the global service file parameter's are different.

Global Service file unique content on PRM ITS front end

~style DHTML

~generateDynpro 1


~popups 1

~multiinstanceservices 1

~webgui_cachedpropenabled 1

~appserver sapxxx.<URL>.com

Global Service file unique content on PRD ITS front end

~messageserver sapxxx.<URL>.com

~logingroup *_*****

~restrictssocookie 2

~multisession 1

~http_compress_level 1

~multiinstanceservices 0

Thought about adding the parameter's, ~multiinstanceservices 1, ~webgui_cachedpropenabled 1

and ~routestring to the PRD zefrm_main_menu_web.srvc file but I doubt it will resolve anything and could impact some other component running under ITS 6.20 Patchlevel 14.

I know this has got to be a configuration issue and because the PRD ITS instance is pretty much stable at Patchlevel 14 with this minor exception I am not going to get the authorization to upgrade.

In addition to what I have addressed above could I try to make this work on the PRD side? Thanks.

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Answers (1)

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And the trace files (and diagnostics.log) don't show anything?

Does URL


include a typo there?

Shouldn't it read: <URL>.com/scripts/wgate/zefrm_main_menu_web/!

How about if you create a new service file zefrm_test.srvc:

~transaction zefrm_main_menu_web

~webgui 1

~noheaderokcode 1

and call /scripts/wgate/zefrm_test/! instead?

Does that work?