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Internal Error When logging into Infoview and CMC

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Hi ,

I configured Win Ad (Kerberos) on WACS . my server is CRS 2008 V1.

But when i tried to login to Infoview(6405 port) and CMC on WACS i get the following error

Account information not recognized: Internal error

When i login to CCM-->manage server with my AD account i get error message as "internal error".

I thought it would be issue with bscLogin.conf file but it looks fine.

And also i want to know how to test bscLogin.conf file in my environment.

Please advise..



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The SSO KB for WACS has not been completed, we usually direct everyone to use tomcat as the configuration options in WACS are limiting right now. If you want to pioneer the config i have gotten it to work and we will support it, you will just probably need to open a message with support - authentication team.

KB 1261835 (direct link in my sticky post at the top of the admin forum0 will show you how to setup the same in tomcat, essentially the same steps for WACS but some files are not easily editable and have to be configured in the .ino file other optins have to be added carefully to the command line options.

The bsclogin is pretty easy to troubleshoot if you use the debug=true option from KB 1261835 then all login info will be displayed in the std.out (maybe std.err for WACS) if you do not see the login attempt then the bsclogin is not loaded properly.



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