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Interface Determination

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Hi guys

In my interface determination, i have 3 receiver MI's to be determined based on conditions.

In case none of the 3 conditions are satisifed, i am getting the error below:


How can i take care such that no error is thrown even when none of the conditions are satisfied?



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Hi pratichi chauhan ,

Please use multimapping instead of using 3 mapping programs. In multimapping receiver side put 3 message types, change the occurance of message types to 0..1. This will work for your requirement.

Note:- Use createIf node function to create the target message type based on your condition.



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The data expecting from your source system is for 3 conditions that means this interface will for only 3 cases, nothing wrong what you have defined, but your source data should fulfil the interface determination conditions.

Please check that you are really going to get data not realated to 3 interfaces conditions??if yes then you have to add one more condition...

Remaining points Abhishesk already pointed.



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How can i take care such that no error is thrown even when none of the conditions are satisfied?

Either of the condition should be satisfied.

Workaround would be check for the existence of the value in Receiver Determination.....if it exists then perform the rest of the steps....this would ensure that Interface Determination would be executed for valid values and wont go into error.

Forgot one both the cases (RD and ID) if the condition is not satisfied then it will result into error!



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