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Integration with JMS Weblogic server, Couldn't connect to any host

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Hi ,

I am doing XI to JMS integration(weblogic JMS server) ,have created a communication channel of type JMS and gave the following parameters.

Transport Protocal : Access JMS Provider with JNDI

Message protocal : JMS 1.X

JNDI Lookup name with

queueconnectionfactory :MyJMSConnectionFactory

JNDI Lookup name with JMS Queue : MyJMSQueue

Name of JNDI initial context factory : weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory

<b>JNDI Server Address: http://isccap:7001/</b>;

all these parameters are working fine when used in a Client java program by which i am able to put and retrive message from Weblogic JMS server queue.

But the same is not working in XI adapter ,

I am getting the following error in adapter monitoring

Zsrl_JMS_Reciever Receiver channel. Details: <u>Couldn't connect to any host</u>

I guess the problem is with <b>JNDI Server Address: http://isccap:7001/</b>;

Is the format "http://host:port" correct for weblogic server,

are the JMS port and JNDI port same or different .

I have deployed the required drivers "wlclient.jar" in XI server .

Thanks in advance ,

srikanth Lanka

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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weblogic works on the Tenga3 protocol and hence the URL to connect to the JNDI provider of weblogic is


At least in case of Weblogic you connect to your J2EE resources using your JNDI registry so the port would be the same.



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Hi Amol,

Even after changing the URL to <b>t3://host:port</b> .

I am still getting the same error. "Couldn't connect to any host" when seen in Adapter Monitoring .

Even i tried <b>t3://host:port/</b> but still it is not working

Thanks & Regards,

Srikanth Lanka.

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we are facing the same problem.

Could you solve the problem?

Kind regards,


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