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Integration SAP Build Apps with Process Automation without API

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Hi SAP Builders,

I want to integrate SAP Build Apps with Process Automation to trigger a process without using an API, described here:

Trigger a process in SAP Build Process Automation ... - SAP Community

Somehow this doesn't work in my case. I created a Process with API trigger with a variable as Process Input and published it to the Library


In SAP Build Apps the process was added succesfully


A page variable type "object" was added 


For the button i added the Trigger Process component and added the necessary properties:


What am I missing here?  The "old" way with the "Create Record" component works as expected.

Many thanks! Max






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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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I'll take another look at your flow, but 2 things in general I found that could cause issues:

  • You must have a destination with the proper name and configuration.
  • When you redeploy a process, you need to also republish AND you need to update the data resource in the SAP Build Apps project. So if you changed the inputs in your process but did not republish or update in SAP Build Apps, your integration is now broken and no error message is displayed.

By the way, the following videos might help you or others in the future. I am creating one more soon on updating the status.