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Integration Of Apache axis client through PDK !!

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Hello There !!

I am trying to call a web service through the PDK. Following is my machine configuration ...

Downloaded : and from SDN.

Servlet Engine : tomcat-3.3.1a

JDK : jdk1.3.1

Web Service Client : Apache Axis 1.0

Development Environment : Eclipse 2.1.1

I have created a portal service which uses the axis client to invoke the web service. The

reason I selected axis as the client since the web service is published through axis so

that there will be less incompatibility.

I also have created an iview which will call the protal srvice when the user fill in some data and

clicks a button. The iview is working properly as well as the portal service.

The PDK does not throw any errors when deploying the portal service. As part of the portal

service , I have included the following axis .jar files which are needed to use axis client ...

axis.jar , commons-discovery.jar , commons-logging.jar , crimson.jar , jaxp.jar ,

jaxrpc.jar , log4j.jar , saaj.jar , wsdl4j.jar , xalan.jar , xerces.jar .

Also , added to /jre/lib/ext the following .jar files ...

jcert.jar , jnet.jar, jsse.jar.

I have turned on debugging under axis to determine what causes the exception but I cannot

figure out the exact reason. By looking at the exception , it looks like it is unable to connect to

web service provider , but that is not the case since I can put the web service endpoint

address by opening up a browser on the same machine and the wer service provider is

responding to the request since I can see the response page. Also , I looked areound apache

axis forums, what I found was if some how axis client is not finding all the class files in the

class patch but I am not sure about it. Is there something I need to do add the third party

libraries in the PDK environment.

When I portal service is called , I am getting the following exception ...

64793 DEBUG org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient - Exception:


faultCode: Server.userException

faultString: Operation timed out: connect

faultActor: null


stackTrace: Operation timed out: connect

at Method)







at org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender.getSocket(

at org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender.invoke(

at org.apache.axis.strategies.InvocationStrategy.visit(

at org.apache.axis.SimpleChain.doVisiting(

at org.apache.axis.SimpleChain.invoke(

at org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient.invoke(

at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invokeEngine(

at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(

at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(

at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(

at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke(

at bpatel1.CooperLightingRosettaNetProductSearchServiceSoapBindingStub.getProductSearch(




at com.cooperindustries.customerfirst.ui.ProductSearch$ProductSearchDynPage.searchProduct(

at com.cooperindustries.customerfirst.ui.ProductSearch$ProductSearchDynPage.onSendButtonClicked(

at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)




at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.AbstractPortalComponent.service(

at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.callPortalComponent(

at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.dispatchRequest(

at com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.PortalComponentResponse.include(

at com.sapportals.portal.prt.pom.PortalNode.service(

at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.callPortalComponent(

at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.dispatchRequest(

at com.sapportals.portal.prt.core.PortalRequestManager.runRequestCycle(

at com.sapportals.portal.prt.portalconnection.sapnative.DelegatedPlugIn.handleRequest(

at com.sapportals.portal.prt.portalconnection.sapnative.PortalPlugIn.handleRequest(

at com.sapportals.portal.prt.dispatcher.Dispatcher.service(

at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(

at org.apache.tomcat.facade.ServletHandler.doService(

at org.apache.tomcat.core.Handler.invoke(

at org.apache.tomcat.core.Handler.service(

at org.apache.tomcat.facade.ServletHandler.service(

at org.apache.tomcat.core.ContextManager.internalService(

at org.apache.tomcat.core.ContextManager.service(

at org.apache.tomcat.modules.server.Http10Interceptor.processConnection(


at org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.ThreadPool$


I will really appreciate if some one can tell me how to resolve the above issue.

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Answers (1)

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The network connection was the problem since it could not connect to the server.