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Integration card not fetching data on SAP Workzone Portal

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I have created an integration card of type "Table" and tried fetching data from the destination. On BAS when I try to preview the data it is coming properly. When the card is uploaded to the Workzone portal the data is not coming.

In the network tab, I can see the call to the backend but it is returning an error which is in XML Format.
Here is the code for the card:

"sap.card": { "type": "Table", "designtime": "dt/configuration",<br>"data": { "request": { "url": "{{destinations.myDestination}}/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZWKZN_DIST_PORTAL_SRV/ZC_MyOrders", "parameters": { "$format": "json", "$top": "{{parameters.maxItems}}"<br>} }, "withCredentials": true, "path": "/d/results"<br>}, "configuration": { "destinations": { "myDestination": { "name": "dev" }<br>}, "parameters": { "maxItems": { "value": 10, "type": "integer", "label": "Maximum Items", "description": "Defines how many items will be displayed at most." } } }, "header": { "title": "Recent Orders Overview", "subTitle": "10 most recent", "status": "View All", "actions": [ { "type": "Navigation", "parameters": { "url": "" } } ] }, "content": { "data": { "path": "/d/results" }, "row": { "columns": [ { "title": "Customer PO Number", "value": "{CustomerPONumberID}", "identifier": true }, { "title": "Sales Order Number", "value": "{SalesOrderNumber}" }, { "title": "Ship To Party", "value": "{ShipToPartyDescription}" }, { "title": "Status", "value": "{OrderStatus}"<br>} ] } } },

I have attached the response which I have got in the network call.



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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Stefano,

Did the whitelist solution work for you?

CORS .. i have felt the pain of CORS before

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi shubhmis

you have to whitelist the * in SAP workzone since the CORS is blocking the request.

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I have the same problem.

How should i do to make your proposal on the SAP Workzone Administration console?
Thank you