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Integration between "SAP PI-Lotus Notes/Domino" "SAP PI-PeopleSoft"

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Hi all,

I have been working with XI (most of the time integrating SAP systems and third parties) for years but now i face following situation, i have to integrate SAP systems with Oracle systems, Lotus systems, Peoplesoft systems and so on, using XI.

I have achieved SAP-XI-Oracle integration using JDBC adapter but i do not know what is the best practice when trying to do the other integrations.

I ve read that adapter engine XInotes is a good approach in PI-LOTUS scenarios, so the JDE adapter (iway) for the PI-PEOPLESOFT. But, is there a way to achieve my requirements with the standar adapters without too much effort in the backends and not too much programming in XI?

i know there is no perfect solution but any help will be much appreciated (and of course, rewarded with points)

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello ,

you apply SAP XI to connect to Lotus you may leverage the following adapters:



XINotes (partner adapter)

the choice depends on how much effort you want to spend on the Lotus side.

In case of HTTP you simply develop an agent that processes the request XML. This can be done fairly easy - however this is a proprietary solution since you kind of hard-code the formats.

In case of SOAP you need a little more work. If you use Lotus Domino R6 you also manually have to take case of SOAP request parsing (e.g. using the Microsoft SOAP toolkit or some java-based parser). If you use R7 this is easier since SOAP processing is implemented as part of Domino. Then, your interface is described using a WSDL and this can optionally also be published via a UDDI registry.

In case of XINotes you don't need any work on Lotus since the XINotes adapter is based on NCSO - this means the adapter directly understands notes forms and notes views.

Regarding the payload XML you process via HTTP or SOAP you may leverage DXL. DXL is easy to process on Domino since you can use the DXL Importer classes to directly create/update/modify notes documents within 2 codelines. On the other hand: if you use DXL the sender system should already prepare the DXL - so it needs lots of information regarding your notes DB (replica ID etc).

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Thanks a lot for your reply,

I am also interested in the integration between LEI and XI. I think this could be a way to avoid the use of any 3rd party adapter between XI and LOTUS.

Could you please confirm if i am right?? I have tried to find material about this topic but with no success.

Can anyone support on this?

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Regarding Peoplesoft

think it all depands on the amount and types of interfaces and data needed needed to be transfered between the systems.

We need to go over the Iway solution and see what are the featyres given by the adapter.

(from a brief read of the iway pdf) i saw they use the same methods (XML,SOAP,IDocs) to interact between systems.

the adavtage of Iway might be the fast implementation (out of the box maybe) and that there might be no development needed...big adavantage.

But some times the use of XI fits better because of the costs of the adapter or the ability to be a hub and send this data to other systems as well (again I'm not familiar with I-way solution so maybe they can do it to if they have a development enviorment for the adapter).

I reccomand you to contact I-way and get as much info as possible then decide wether its better to go with XI or the adapter.

I give you an example from SAP...

the CRM solution comes with an application called data migrator or something like that,this tool synchronize master data betweenn the SAP CRM and SAP ERP...this tool was written for the CRM and becasue of that fits well for the integration (4000 software developers can't go wrong.... )

For this integration between the systems XI is not a match for my opinion and it will take some developments in XI (the easy part) and in ABAP for the CRM and R3(not so easy part) to integrate thouse two.


Go over the Blue print or understand the customer integration needs and scenarios.

Then decide according to the I-way information on the adapter which way is the best..XI or 3rd party adapter.

By the way webmethod is an instegration tool like XI and as I recall they dont have a Peploe soft specific adapter.