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Integrated ITS and 500 Pictures

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our shop system (WW10/20/30) has round abaout 500 pictures.

We move from ITS 6.20 to the integradted ITS 7.00.

These pictures have been reachable via the IIS on the ITS Server.

As we now stop this IIS, where can I put the pictures in the SAP system.

I don't think that SIAC_UPLOAD is the right way?

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Jan,

I'm not familiar with using photos for WW10 or WW20 but where these photos belong depends on the link that is used to access them. If the link is created with mimeURL or similar (http://server:port/sap/its/mimes/ in ITS 6.20) then it should probably be uploaded to the Web Repository using SIAC_UPLOAD. I would recommend reviewing note 678904 and the SAP Help file:

Hope that helps...


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