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Integrate HANA Source System to BW on HANA

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Hi All

I have a more architectural level question, found a lot of answers on the web but really what I am looking for is an expert opinion (probably someone who has done this before)

We will soon have an upgraded brand new shiny BW on HANA 7.5 (NOT BW/4HANA) - My requirement is to do ETL from another Native HANA system. I have BODS in my eco system which I can probably use, but my ask is, since they are both HANA 2.0 databases, is there a better option out there, I was looking at Smart Data Integration but I am not sure if this is the use case for that ? Any thoughts/opinions will be highly apprecieated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sameer,

If I were you, I'd forgo ETL entirely. I'd use Smart Data Access from your BW on HANA system to create connections and import the HANA table and views from your HANA only system as vitual tables in the HANA side of your BW on HANA system. Then use Open ODS to create a BW "shell", mapping table fields to InfoObjects as appropriate.

Smart Data Integration may make more sense if you need some transformation between systems.

Key Points:

1) HANA only table needs minimal transformation - SDA / Open DSO

2) HANA only table needs moderate transformation - SDI / Open DSO

3) HANA only table needs significant transformation - use SDA / Open DSO as corporate memory, then tranformation into ADSO on BW on HANA system

Let me know if this helps.

John Hawk

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