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Integrate BEx Web into BPS Web Interface - passing variable values

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I am trying to implement a BEx Report into a BPS web interface and have followed the instructions in "How to Integrate BEx Web Applications into BPS Web Interfaces". I have 2 variable selections and 1 is fiscal year and the other version. When I implement the code in the appendix for 2 variables, the version works fine, but the fiscal year does not. I have tried to adapt the code to take into account that fiscal year is compounded based on the other example in the documentation, but to no avail. When I switch the fiscal year in the BPS variable, the BEx query does not change.

Below is the code. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? It is very frustrating looking at the How To because the 2 examples vary significantly so I cannot incorporate each aspect (compounding and 2 variables) easily.


id ="myWebAppl"




<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

function varValueConvert(dispValue){

/* Expected formatting of variable selector: Text(Key) or Key

If there are more than one (...) expression the first is taken.


var keySection = dispValue.match(/\(.*?\)/);

if (keySection){

var keyValue = keySection[0].replace(/\(|\)/g,"");

alert(dispValue + ' : ' + keySection + " : " +keyValue);

return keyValue;

} else {


return dispValue;



var frame = document.getElementById( 'myWebAppl' );

var url = '/sap/bw/BEx?cmd=ldoc&VARIABLE_SCREEN=X&TEMPLATE_ID=';

var queryVar1 = '&VAR_NAME_1=ZFY_FY1&VAR_VALUE_EXT_1=';

var queryVar2 = '&VAR_NAME_2=ZFBGTV1A&VAR_VALUE_EXT_2=';


var fiscvar = 'V9/';

var bpsVarvl1 = '<%=descr(ZFPMPCDR_ZFISCYR/value)%>';

var bpsVarvl2 = '<%=descr(ZFPMPCDR_ZVERSION/value)%>';

if (bpsVarvl1 != "" && bpsVarvl1 != "-- SELECT --"){

// expected formatting of variable selector: Text(Key) or Key

var convert = /\((.*)\)/;


// If there is value in brackets it is the key

if ( RegExp.$1 != "") bpsVarvl1 = RegExp.$1;


bpsVarvl2 = varValueConvert(bpsVarvl2);

// create URL

url = url + appl + queryVar1 + fiscvar + bpsVarvl1 + queryVar2 + bpsVarvl2 ;

// remove possible white spaces

url = url.replace(/ /,"");

alert('Generated URL: ' + url);

// set source attribute of iframe to new URL

frame.src = url;


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Hi Cherie,

first of all you should check which kind of variable you use (Parameter variables have other syntax as interval variables and so on )


Do not add the fiscal year variant. Variables have the external not compounded presenation.

Check if the call of the Wab app with variable parametrization does work in general. Then check, whether the conversion of BSP value is done correctly.