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Insufficients rights for operation. Data Manager

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Hello all, I am working with SAP MDM Data Manager 7.1 version and when I try to modify a registry in the SAP MDM Data Manager directly in the panel, I had this error:

Error modifying records:

The record(s) you have modified cannot be saved.

Press OK to abort the save and return to the Record Detail Pane, and then press Escape to restore the record(s).

Insufficient rights for operations. Version 7.1 (

I checked user and have all roles that she needs (Catalog Manager Content and Catalog User), and tried only with Catalog Manager Content.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance

Rosa Rodríguez

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Answers (2)

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Hi Rosa,

Please reproduce the error and provide the MDS log for detail description of error.



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Hopeful that your query is answered over SAP Note 1560854 - "unique constraint violated" error when saving a record.

Please refer following link (SMTP Logon required):

Sharing same info, if NO SMTP logon available :

Trying to save a record in any MDM Client (MDM Data Manager, MDM Standard iViews etc.) causes the one of the following errors to occur:

1. Error executing Records Modification on repository <Repository name>, error code [-2080243705], caused by Database command execution error. A SQL statement could not execute. The actual error may have been written to a log file.

In the MDM Server log you will the following error:
Service <DB name>, Schema <Repository name>, ERROR CODE=1
ORA-00001: unique constraint (<Repository name.Index name>) violated.

2. The record(s) that you have modified cannot be saved.
Press OK to abort the save and return to the Record Detail pane, and then press Escape to restore the record(s).
General error, contact customer support, Version (<client version>).

Reason and Prerequisites:

o Description of the root cause of the bug and ways to reproduce and/or diagnose the issue:

When MDS modifies records and automatically checks out the records to workflow, wrong data was passed to the command.  When the command was ordered to fail  (due to insufficient right for example), the transaction could not be rolled back to its original state and the memory cache and data in DBMS got out of sync, causing any after record modification to fail.

- What are the boundary conditions?
MDS modifies records and automatically checks them out to workflow and the modification failed for some reason (for example - insufficient right).

- The issue was first introduced with MDM 7.1 and MDM 5.5

- Is the issue related to a specific platform/DBMS?


o The workaround is:
The workaround is to prevent Modify record to fail (for example - provide the user with the proper permissions to modify the record).
Another option is to try to reload the repository with Update indices.

o The description of the fix is:
Pass the correct commandChain into Command_ModifyRecordsByIds command in the source code.

o The issue was fixed in the following code lines and versions:
- MDM 7.1 SP06 Patch 07 (Build - change list #94975
- MDM 7.1 SP07 (Build - change list #94976
- MDM 7.1 EhP01 (Build - change list #94977

o What areas of the code were fixed?


o What other areas of the code were affected by the fix?

[Check-In/Out, DM Import/Export, Workflow Run Time, Attributes, Qualifiers]

o The following component(s) need to be replaced to correct the specific flaw addressed by this note:
Master Data Server and Shared

o Additional component(s), if any, that were impacted and should be regression-tested by the code change:
Master Data Server
Data Management Clients

Hope this answetrs your query.