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Installing NWDI

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We are planning to install NWDI .i am bit confused about the installation . we have a separate portal(AS Java Only) .should i go with DI Add on with SCA`s(SAPBUILDT,DICMS,DICBS and DIDTR) or with a separate system system only with NWDI(DEV,QAS and PRD) . if our developers develop in NWDI how can

we trasport those to the portal servers(DEV,QAS and PRD) . do all the above servers need to be in the same

SLD To do the trasnports ..

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the Java Development Infrastructure forum is maybe a better place to ask such questions, never mind the "Java" vs. "NW" it is the same thing.

If your developers develop in NWDI you usually configure the runtime systems in CMS and changes will be automatically deployed in those systems. As far as I know SLD is not relevant here, since the runtime system is directly configured in CMS. CMS then takes care of the transport.

If you develop components that require offline deployment you MUST NOT put CMS on the same system as the runtime system. As offline deployment requires the engine to shut down and restart this simply does not work.

Depending on the size of your development the load on the NWDI system can be pretty heavy, on large-scale systems it is sometimes advisable to even split CMS/CBS/DTR and put them onto different systems.