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Installation problems abap+java on oracle 2004s

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Hello All,

I can't seem to figure out this error I get while installing 2004s on Oracle/Windows 2003.

ERROR 2006-03-26 03:41:38

CJS-30023 Process call 'C:\usr\sap\NWS\SYS\exe\uc\NTI386\brconnect.exe -u / -c -f crsyn -o SAPSR3' exits with error code 3. For details see log file(s) brconnect.log.

ERROR 2006-03-26 03:41:38

FCO-00011 The step createOracleStatisticsSynonyms with step key |NW_Onehost|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|NW_Doublestack_OneHost|ind|ind|ind|ind|3|0|NW_ABAP_Postload|ind|ind|ind|ind|14|0|NW_ABAP_Postload_ORA|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|createOracleStatisticsSynonyms was executed with status ERROR .

The log files for brconnect show this error.

BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2006-03-26 02.21.18

BR0613E Database instance NWS is shut down

BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2006-03-26 02.21.18

BR0804I BRCONNECT terminated with errors

Any help will be appreciated.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Vijay,

Does the BRCONNECT log file contain any more error information?

Can you confirm that at least Oracle patch release is being used for this install? There is also a bug for Windows with Oracle that will be fixed only in Oracle I suggest going back to if currently using to see if that resolves the issue.

From SAP note #720886:


The release of Netweaver 2004s, and the SAP products that are based on

it (for example, ERP 05, SCM 05, SRM 05, CRM 05) will only occur on

Oracle 10g. The Ramp Up of these products (beginning at the end of

October) is carried out on the basis of Oracle Version 10.1. The use of

Oracle version 10.1 is also supported for live SAP systems. For this,

however, you must have at least Oracle patch release Service

release 1 (SR1) for Netweaver 2004s is planned for the second quarter of

2006. Oracle version 10.2 will be released exclusively for this release.


Also, ensure you have latest BR*Tools patch version as per note #12741.

I hope some of this information helps.

Regards, Mark

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