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Installation PowerDesigner 16.6. Error while obtaining a license

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Hello everyone,

We want to migrate to PowerDesigner 16.6 from PowerAMC 16.5.

The license server was installed in a lab environment, but when we installed the first client computer, we had the following error after putting the name of the license server.


Licences serveur : Sysam 2,3.
Licences number generated: 3
Machines lab environment: 2



SLicGetLicensedPackages succeded but package list is empty

Do you have any suggestions about the cause of the error?

Thanks for your time !

Camilo Perez

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I'm not sure about the upgrade from PowerAMC 16.5 to PowerDesigner 16.6. But when upgrading from PD 16.5 to 16.5, you have to regenerate the license file, so I would assume, it's the same issue. Regenerate the license file and validate this hipothesis.


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Hi Rafal,

We used a regenerate license file. SAP recommend us try with the lastest version of Sysam (2.4), so we will try.

Note: We have one Windows server where, firts all of, we installed the licence server and the admin client (PowerDesigner 16.6). How we have that error. We used two independants machines, one for the server and the other for the client, but we have the same issue.

Thanks for your reply,