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Installation of the BP DMS connector for KM in EP7

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Our portal is of release 7.00 with SP-stack 12 applied.

The component BP_DMSCONN shows up with version 6.75 SP0


We downloaded from SDN version 1.0 and also patch 5.

But when we try to install with JSPM the packages are not found

(although present in the eps\in folder).

When we try to install with SDM, we get the message that the packages

do not contain new components.

Pls advise which tool to use to install the latest version of the KM


Best regards.

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Hi Jos,

The configurable DMSRMRepositoryManager is indeed delivered without any service assigned. (<property name="services" />). I also checked docu and notes but couldn’t find anything here.

I’d guess that there are no additional CM repository services beside properties supported as you also experienced by trying that out.

I’d open up a customer message on component EP-PCT-PLM-SR3 and ask for clarification / documentation on this.

Best Regards, Peter

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Just wondering if you did get this to work? We have just installed DMS connector 1.0 on our EP, but cant get it to work. We did send a customer message asking for documentation, but got the reply that this was not a error, but a configuration issue. But I still think there is a lack of documentation! Only old docs for the earlier Connector that don´t apply to this new.....

If you have any documentation on how to configure the RM or if I nee SSO, I would be greatful.

(Do I need to install TREX to get this to work, since this is on testenvironment, we haven´t installed TREX on this server...)

/kind regards Camilla

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Due to lack of documentation I had to stop investigating this feature.

I also tried on TechEd to find an expert, but without success.

Unfortunately ...