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Installation of Portal fails with Disc space error

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I want to install EP but during setup I get this error:

Check for free disc space in tmp and usr directories for at least 600MG.

So first, what means MG, should this be MB?

On our root filesystem, which includes both directories, I have 25GB space free!!!

Can anyone help me? Regards Manfred

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It seems that the size of your database volume is to small. As I know, for an EP Installation on MaxDB it has to be at least 600MB (default 400MB).

Hope that helps.

regards daniel

Sorry not the Datavolume, the page size of the datavolume!!

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi all,

now I'm back to this topic and it seems that Installing Enterprise Portal is a way with some barriers.

-Firstly it seems "600MG" is only wrongly written from SAPINST.

- One Question to Daniel: "the page size of the datavolume", how can this be checked and changed.

- I have verified our free disc space and of course, there's enough.

- I checked the Code of the Analyzer Job and found what's wrong. Inside this, there happens an <i>execution of an Unix command "df -k" for both directories and examining the free space with an "Unix-awk" on that result</i>. But in our case, where we use Logical Volume Groups, we get an empty result, because the displayed Column for the free space is on the next line.<b>I renamed df to d_f and have written a small, new df-script "/bin/d_f -Pl $1 $2" and then the SAP-Installer continues</b> !!!

- Next failure occured during Deploying DQE (especially to com.sapportals.dqe.beans we get a ClassNotFoundException for com.metamatrix.platform.service.api.exception.ServiceException), but after restarting the J2EE-Engine and restarting SapInst it continues.

- Next Error, now blocking:

Info: Initial deployment: Selected development component 'com.sapportals.portaladmin.defaultwizards'/''/'SAP AG'/'609.20041012204607.0000' will be deployed.

Caught Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

java.lang.NullPointerException at


Has anyone an Idea?

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For disabling analyzer...which is a rather buggy program...

we can use ./sapinst PRE_ANALYZE=OFF

then analyzer doesnt get run during sapinstallation.

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Well, if you are on any unix filesystem and if any of the places that the analyzer checks happens to be a symbolic link then I seen it failing to follow the link; instead of checking the available space at the link target (which is where sapinst will actually place the stuff) it erroneouly checks the filesystem that the link lives in. I worked around it by temporarily moving some data aside so that the analyzer can pass.

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Daniel, thanks for your reply, I have have found also a SAP note (770702) pointing to a Problem with the Analyzer.

I will check those tomorrow.

Regards Manfred