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Installation of IS 4.1 SP1 in distributed environment

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My server landsacpe is as below -

Server 1 - BOE 4.0 SP4, DS 4.1 SP1 APS services, DS 4.1 SP1Management Console 

Server 2 - Full DS 4.1 SP1 install

Server 3 - MS Sql server dataase

I was expecting to do a "Primary" install on Server 2 so that all my EIM components reside on the same box along with DQ cleansing packages, but since it does not have any BI or IPS installed, install is getting errored out. I really doesn't want to do primary install of IS on Server 1, becasue that will also require installing DS 4.1 SP1 Job server component on that server.

So what are my options in this case?

Thank you,

Vimal Shah

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SAPBO platform must be installed before DS, it's so easy, because DS needs CMS to log on users.

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Hi Vimal,

There are several types of deployment that can be possible with SAP Business Intelligence 4.0.

  • Standalone deployment
  • Distributed deployment
  • Split deployment
  • Cluster deployment

But as you mentioned you have 3 Servers, so you can use like this:

Server I: SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 4.0 + SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.1 (Only Management Tier & Processing Tier Installation Including Data Services Cleansing Package, At the Time of Installation selects Installation Type: Custom/Expand)

Server II: Web Application (Tomcat/IIS/Web Logic) (Only Web Tier Installation, At the Time of Installation select Installation Type: Web Tier)

Server III: Only Database (MS SQL Server) (Only Database Application)

Please refer below URL for your Reference.

Distributed installation of SAP Business Intelligence and configuration of its web tier in Windows:


SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 4.0 Installation Documents:


Hope this will help you as well.



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I am in the same boat as Vimal. Existing BOBJ Suite is Clustered on 2 nodes (SIA1,SIA2) integrated with SAP BW for Security & SSO. I would like to expand landscape with BODS & IS. Can I do it as below or any other better options ?

Environment: BOBJ 4.0 SP04 Patch 5, BW 7.3 SP08, BODS 4.1 SP01 Patch 2, IS 4.1 SP01 Patch 2

  1. Install IPS on another node (SIA3) with same patch as BOBJ Suite & add SIA3 as another node to existing BOBJ Cluster
  2. Install full BODS on SIA3
  3. Install full IS on SIA3

My questions are :

  • What are the issues in this Architecture OR am i missing something ?
  • Do I need a seperate FRS locations for SIA3 ?
  • With this set up, we have one URL for BOBJ and another for BODS/IS. Is there any Arch option to get only one URL for all BOBJ/BODS/IS ?


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Per SAP Note 1799669, IPS cant be clustered with BOBJ CMS.

Coming to Arch to keep things simple so go for a simple IPS and then install BODS & IS on that. This gives flexibility to do upgrades & maintenance is easier as per SAP Note 1692481.


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Hi Vimal,

On server 2, use custom BI 4.0 setup and install these 2 components:

Install Platform Processing services

Platform Scheduling Services