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Installation Nw04 Sp3:: Error: Return Code 4

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This is a message continues Wolfgang's previous message title:

"Installation Nw04 EP Sp3". I met the same problem but can't solve it according the suggestions.

Exception is:

(message ID:

Error: Deployment NOT successful for DQE_JDBCDriver_library

Error: -

At least one of the Deployments failed -

Info: Summarizing the deployment results:

Error: Admitted: D:\Setup\SAP_NetWeav_04\Disk51030604_SNW_Inst_EP6_Trex61\EP1\DQE\SDA\FS\PAR\com.sapportals.dqe.admintools.sda

Error: Aborted: D:\Setup\SAP_NetWeav_04\Disk51030604_SNW_Inst_EP6_Trex61\EP1\DQE\SDA\JAVA-LIB\com.sapportals.dqe.jdbcdriver.lib.sda

Error: Admitted: C:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\EP630\Advance_Portal\DQE_SERVICES\com.sapportals.dqe.service.sda

Error: Processing error. Return code: 4

Afterwards, I followed Abdul's suggestion to update com.sapportals.dqe.jdbcdriver.lib.sda

1. Open (e.g. WinZip) the file <SDA_LOCATION>\com.sapportals.dqe.jdbcdriver.lib.sda

2. Extract the file \server\provider.xml

3. Edit provider.xml by removing the line "<jar-name>xercesImpl.jar</jar-name>"

4. Insert provider.xml file back to com.sapportals.dqe.jdbcdriver.lib.sda

5. (In case of applying this Note during installation) Click the 'Retry' button on SAPInst

The same Return Code 4 error occurred.

Can Wolfgang or somebody else suggest what is the solution.

Thank you very much.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Yongli,

Have you restarted all instances (J2EE and ABAP) after the changes! I also had the problem but after a restart it works. I also started a new installation (not continued the old one).

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