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Installation for MI Client / Server.

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Hi Guys,

I am working as ABAP Programmer and i have some experience in RFID programming. I have an IPAQ 3800, i want to install MI Client in that. Already my Basis team inform that they install MI server and they gave me the following authorization,

MCD - MI:Process Mobile Component

ME_WIZARD -ME:Registration and eneration

MEREP_EX_REPLIC-Execute Replicator

MEREP_LOG -Activity Log

MEREP_MIG -Migration

MEREP_MON- Mobile Monitor

MEREP_PD - Profile Dialog

MEREP_PURGE - Purge Tool


MI_ALBACK - Back Up CCMS Alerts for MI

MI_ALMON - Alert Monitor for MI Alerts

MI_MCD -MI:Process Mobile Component

MI_MSD -MI:Process Mobile Component

S_ABA_72000157-Alert Customizing

SMOMO - Mobile Engine

I download lot of installation from SDN site..Still i am not able to follow. Please some one can help me on this.

Appreciated your help

Thanks and Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi V.

What did you download? You should ask them to download the MI Client sp13 for you from Service Marketplace(If the MI Server is sp13). Once you download it there will be a list of cab files with the language support as an extension to the name (ie. MI25Tom_en.CAB) for english. you will need to move this file into your file system on the handheld and run it by clicking on it. Then do a warm boot, configure the appropriate parameters under settings on the MI client.

At this point if the MI Server is appropriately configured you will be able to sync and receive a device ID.

Good luck.


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On your mobile device goto the IE and call up the following link: http://<your_MI_server>:port/sap/bc/bsp/sap/me_fw_install

Also make sure this service is active in transaction sicf (see note 517484) and that your basis team has uploaded the JSP or AWT install files for your device.

Good luck!