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Installation and System Copy of new SAP on SQL2012 AlwaysOn

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I'm working on an upgrade project and the target prd system will run on 4-servers infrastructure.

2 of the 4 will be DB node 1 and 2, and customer want to use SQL2012 alwaysOn for HA. we're not doing ASCS HA, just DB layer HA.

I'd like to know the "steps" to install new PRD on AlwaysOn and the "steps" to do system copy to AlwaysOn.

I guess the new installation steps are:

1. Install SQL Server program on DB node1 and node2

2. SWPM to install SAP central instance on AP node1

3. SWPM Install SAP DB instance on DB node1

4. SWPM Install SAP DI on AP node2

5. Configure AlwaysOn between node1 and node2

Is that correct ? or I have to configure AlwaysOn before any SWPM task?

Another question is, once we build a new PRD on AlwaysOn, how can I do system copy "TO" this infrastructure.

We're doing upgrade and unicode convert, so there must be an "import" work on the new system. So I'm not sure how can I do system copy into AlwaysOn infrastructure.

Hope somebody can shed some light to me.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In your environment you want install the DB on HA (with alwayon) and SAP on distributed environment. for this first you have install the OS / MS SQl 2012 DB. and then start SAP installation by using with SWPM with Distributed system. before starting the installation pls read the SAP Distributed system installation guide. Your installation steps are correct.

Is this any reason why you are not going to install the SAP on HA?

Could you refer the SAP Note for SAP on MS SQl 2012 with Alwayon.

1772688 - SQL Server AlwaysOn and SAP applications

Regaling system copy and Unicode conversation kindly follow the SCN link



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Thanks for your reply.

For SAP HA (ASCS), customer has problem on setting up share storage at Application layer ( we have to put ASCS at application layer because firewall restriction on message server port), and all servers are on ESXi with vMotion HA, so they decide not to go for ASCS HA.

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