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Install Lumira cluser with NODE1 and NODE2

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to Cluster Lumira 2.2 on BI4.2SP6. I am having issue with installing Lumira 2.2 on NODE2.

I successfully install:

  • BI4.2SP6 - Node1 - Works
  • Lumira 2.2 - Node1 - Works
  • BI4.2SP6 - Node2 - Works (Node1 and Node2 cluster works as it should)
  • Lumira 2.2 - Installed Successfully but does NOT works

Node1 BI4.2sp6 / Lumira 2.2 and Node2 BI4.2sp6 clusters works as it should be. Having issue with Lumira on Node2.

The installation Lumira 2.2 on Node 2 completed it successfully, but Lumira server node2 does not show in CMC. When try to create a new Lumira server I have to option to create only serer for Node1 not Node2.

If you know what this issue is your time is greatly appreciate it.


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So I went ahead and repair the Lumira 2.2 on node2 server and now I see node2.LumiraServer in CMC, but this serer is Running with Error.

Is there any configuration change that needs to be done to cluster Lumira BO servers?


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Answers (2)

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If Lumira server is running with errors, you need to set trace level on it to HIGH and then see what the trace show .

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Can you create new Lumira server ? And see if you still any issue. What was the error? When you right click on Lumira server and properties, you should be able to see the actual error.