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Instalation ERROR BO XI 3.1

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i have install BOBJ ENTERPRISE XI 3.1 SP5 on a server whit Suse Linux 11 and when the instalations finish i get:

SAP BusinessObjects products have been installed with errors in :


the log shows me:

(error) Errcode 1: /Bo/bobje/SQLAW//Bin/dbisqlc -q -c "UID=dba;pwd=*****;DatabaseName=BOE120;ServerName=BOE120_1003" CREATE USER 1003 IDENTIFIED by *****

(error) Errcode 1: /Bo/bobje/SQLAW//Bin/dbisqlc -q -c "UID=dba;pwd=*****;DatabaseName=BOE120_AUDIT;ServerName=BOE120_1003" CREATE USER 1003 IDENTIFIED by *****

(error) Errcode 1: /Bo/bobje/SQLAW//Bin/dbisqlc -q -c "UID=dba;pwd=*****;DatabaseName=BOE120;ServerName=BOE120_1003" GRANT CONNECT,DBA,ALL TO 1003 IDENTIFIED by *****

(error) Errcode 1: /Bo/bobje/SQLAW//Bin/dbisqlc -q -c "UID=dba;pwd=*****;DatabaseName=BOE120_AUDIT;ServerName=BOE120_1003" GRANT CONNECT,DBA,ALL TO 1003 IDENTIFIED by *****

(error) Errcode 4: . /Bo/bobje/SQLAW//Bin/;/Bo/bobje/SQLAW//Bin/dbisqlc -q -c "UID=1003;pwd=*****;DatabaseName=BOE120;ServerName=BOE120_1003" set option string_rtruncation="OFF"

(error) Errcode 4: . /Bo/bobje/SQLAW//Bin/;/Bo/bobje/SQLAW//Bin/dbisqlc -q -c "UID=1003;pwd=*****;DatabaseName=BOE120_AUDIT;ServerName=BOE120_1003" set option string_rtruncation="OFF"

(error) Errcode 1: "/Bo/bobje/enterprise120/linux_x86//boe_cmsd" -name sia.cms -loggingPath "/Bo/bobje/logging/" -pidFile "/Bo/bobje/serverpids/" -dbinfo "/Bo/bobje/enterprise120/linux_x86/_boe_sia.dbinfo" -connect ***** -dbdriver sqlanywheredatabasesubsystem -fg -reinitializedb -defaultlocale en -quit

(error) (PostInstallScripts::WaitForCMS) CMS is not started, giving up.

and went i try to start or display the ccm it says:

Logging onto CMS...

err: ERROR Couldn't logon to CMS (STU00152)

err: Error description: The system devtdsbobj can be contacted, but there is no Central Management Server running at port 6400.

can anyone help??



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi ,

As Roland pointed out, this error occurs when database is not up and running. It looks like AUDIT database is created but it's not up and running.

Hope it helps...

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hey thanks for help,

I unistall and install again BO and work prefect.


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1) first make the hostname entry and its correspondinf IP in hosts file under /etc/hosts

2) What DB are you using , go to the SQL client and try to manually run the command like creat user 1004 ..... and check are you able (login with the same creds that u are using for installaion (same user schema))

3)make sure the schema user or cms user has create,connect,instert,update,drop,slect,delete rights on the schema/DB

Jeet Parmar

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Can you try to start the CMS database manually? It might be down

Kind Regards

Roland Hoeller

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Please do the following stuff, check whether the CMS.exe is running under the process list if not that means the CMS is not starting up.

Check the CMS logs and get more details on what it says, try repointing the CMS database and restart the CMS process.

Check with the network person whether the port is opened or block.