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Instalallation of separate JAVA stack

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We currently has a NW BI 7.0 system with all components on one server (DUAL Stack) u2013 same SID for ABAP and Java running on HP-UX/Oracle

For performance reasons, we now want to move the java components (AS JAVA, EP, EPC, BI JAVA) to a dedicated Linux (Red Hat) server with separate SID for JAVA stack.

The question has arisen about whether we could / should leave the Oracle database schema where it currently is u2013 or have separate Oracle database installed on the new server too. We are concerned about Oracle licensing implications (currently on site wide license, but may be moving to processor based in future....).

Any advice or white papers here would be much appreciated.



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Hi Rajeev.

I think the easiest method is to install additional dialog instancen for the BI system. They can run under linux too.

BUT it is not possible to install an additional ABAP or JAVA-DI for the BI-System (when ABAPJAVA-System). You always have to install an ABAPJAVA dialog instance -> should be no problem...

The question about your DB normally depends on you. i think it's right for the moment. in future you should make db servers with more dbs running on it to save license costs.

hope this info will help you,