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Insert attachment (PDF doc) into workflow

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I want to insert an attachment into a workflow. Via a webpage, the user upload the file (BIN format) and call a RFC. This RFC must start a workflow via an event. I think i can get the workitem so then, i can attach the BIN to the workflow.

Finally, the approver will have this document in the Business Workplace.

My problem is that i'm in a 4.6c SAP version and must use SO_DOCUMENT_INSERT or similar. Another problem is that i don't know if this function module is the correct one and also don't know how to fill its parameters.

Thank you for your help.

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Via a webpage

Taking into assumption that you are uploading the attachment from a webdynpro application, As I am not aware of Webdynpro's but when you use the UPLOAD element of the WD's then the uplaodded content will be in the BIN format and in the WD App you can make use of the FM SAP_WAPI_START_WORKFLOW Fm to call the workflow and pass the content to the workflow.

In the workflow create a Activity step and a Z Bo and Z method where you will be creating the attachment by using another FM SAP_WAPI_ATTACHMENT_ADD and pass the result back to task from method and from task to workflow and attahc the object to the item , for which you are sending to the agents so that he can be able to view the Attachment.