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Input template Forms - Browser window too little

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I have created XML Input templates using XML Forms Builder (Form Based Publishing).

Some of the fields are fields to keep a RID with a little square browwser button attached.

When using this browser button, a new <i>browser window</i> opens. This window is almost never the right size. The user allways have to use the mouse to draqg out the window to be able to look at all the files.

It must be possible to control the size of that browser window?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Flemming,

unfortunately, the size of the browser windows in XMLForms are fixed (they do not automatically resize).

But you can define this fixed size in the configuration file at "\etc\xmlforms\XFBuilderConfig\browserControls.xml" (so normally you can set a bigger width/height to avoid manual adjustments).

For example, you want a bigger "Date Picker" you can edit the elements <width> and <height> of this section. After that you must rebuild your XMLForms project.

But please keep in mind, that these setting are global to all XMLForms projects. If you a rebuilding another XMLForms project, this DatePicker will also become this WindowSize.

Kind Regards


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Thanks, that is interesting.

I just tried it, but it does not seem to affect the browser window. Maybe I need to restart the portal...

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