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Input parameter with multiple value in calculation view with expression.

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My requirement is to create input parameter in calculation view where this input parameter can accept single value, multiple value and * for all as input.

created this by following step of this blog

it is working perfect for single value and all value (*) but not working for multiple value as input.

provided input value as INR'',''USD ('' and two single ' )

tried so many way to input but when check to log then come to know that query is generating wrong ('PLACEHOLDER'=('$$IP_WAERK$$','INR\''\'',\''\''USD')) why this \''\ is added with query. changed query in sql editor to test like  ('PLACEHOLDER'=('$$IP_WAERK$$','INR\'',''USD')) then it working perfect.

please let me know why this extra \''\ is adding with query.

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basically in order to be able to pass in multiple values... you need to include them with single quotes... 'value1','value2','value3'  ... and so on...  you can also try this:

select *

from <yourView>(PLACEHOLDER.$$"<YOUR_INPUT_PARAM>"$$ => <yourConcatIputValueCommaSeparatedIfMultiple>);

if you have multiple input params, you can include more by separating them with a comma

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Hi Sergio,

i am using input parameter to take input. so the above query screenshot uploaded by me is auto generated.