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Initialization question

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hai all,

I have a QA system that has been just released after upgrade. It is nothing but a copy of production. So, the source system and initialization are for production servers. Now as this is QA, the connetions are only for R/3 QA only. I am trying to initialize and load data but its allways giving me a short dump and terminating it.

My question is:

When a system has initilization and data from a different source system, can I create another initialization for another source system and load deltas? Or is initialization specific to data targets?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Visu,

the delta init is based on the datasource and the source system. The Delta init is not specific to a data target.

In your case ensure that the source system connections work properly and point to QA R\3. Delete the prior delta init and reinitialize the delta.

Please also let us know what the dump says.


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