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initial login error after SAPJ2EE engine restart

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when i restart the sapj2ee engine and try to login for 15 minutes i am not able to login getting the error message

Failed to send the URL : http://localhost:8100/irj/servlet/prt/prtroot/InitialLogonSupport.default?IntegrityToken=20030912054....

Error Number: -2147012894

Error Description: The operation timed out

how to resolve this issue

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I get the same error message.

We worked during several weeks in order to upgrade our development system to the latest versions:

SAP J2EE Engine version 6.20 P16

Server plugin version

Java JDK 1.3.1_9

BB.DD. Oracle

E.P. version (hotfix 10)

C.M. version

After the upgrade we have detected stability problems. The system services crash after been working 1-2 hours in the system. If we tried to loging the system we get the error message. We have reported an OSS message and SAP is currently working in it.

Please let me know any advance you have. We,ll do it too.


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I get the same error.

I found a workaround:

- launch the URL required replacing "localhost:8100" with your own "hostname:port" and wait for response;

- launch the component InitialLogonSupport (http://myhost:myport/irj/servlet/prt/prtroot/InitialLogonSupport.default) and wai for "Wrong request." response;

- launch your own preferred portal

On How-To "Troubleshoot the Enterprise Portal 5.0" you can found the explanation on when Error Number -2147012852 occurs; so, I don't know why and when the error occurs, but I think it is about SAPJ2EE Engine configuration (genius!).

I hold in listen mode for future replies.

Dany *<:-)